The Forlorn Hope

The siege it has lasted long enough,
And a breach it has been made,
And this night we must take the town,
By assault or escalade,
Brave boys, by assault or escalade.

Our gen'ral he must have the place,
Before tomorrow's dawn;
And our captain dear does volunteer
To lead the hope forlorn,
Brave boys, to lead the hope forlorn.

It's little he's flinched from, shot or shell,
And he's always in the van;
For his true love she died in the early spring,
And he's a desp'rate man,
Brave boys, and he's a desp'rate man.

When he mounts the parapet steep and tall,
With guns and muskets lined;
We, his company, all to a man will fall,
Or follow close behind,
Brave boys, or follow close behind.
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