Fragments of a Character

A heart that loves the human race,
And shews its mirrour in the face;
A jest that glows with playful mirth;
A tear that soothes afflicted worth;
A careless genius , brightly wild,
The sense and judgment of a child;
A taste ingenuous and refin'd,
That springs from an accomplish'd mind;
An eye that loves the scene to change,
And Beauty's varied fields to range, —
But chiefly where in aweful charms
The mountain spreads his giant arms,
Or where, impell'd with sudden force,
The torrent wakes his thundering course;
Or where, in deep and pathless groves,
The solitary Hermit roves;
An ear that feeds on melting strains,
When musick to the heart complains;
A temper cheerful as the ray
That welcomes Philomel and May ;
Persuasive manners, and an air
Of subtle power to win the Fair.
A passion for the fatal bower
That made Rinaldo's fortunes lower,
Has torn him from the softer kiss
Of Imogen's domestic bliss;
But, though in habits unconfin'd,
He loves at heart her spotless mind;
In Friendship's bright and aweful trust,
Of purest faith, and proudly just.
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