A Freeman's Song


He had, he had and a sonne a,
Men called him Renold,
And mickle of his might
Was he, was he, hey ho.

And from his father a wode a,
His fortune for to seeke,
From mery Landsdale
Wode he, wode he, hey ho.

His father would him seeke a,
And found him fast asleepe.
Among the leaves greene
Was he, was he, hey ho.

He tooke, he tooke him up a,
All by the lilly-white hand,
And set him on his feet,
And bad him stand, hey ho.

He gave to him a benbow,
Made all of a trusty tree,
And arrowes in his hand,
And bad him let them flee.

And shoote was that that a did a,
Some say he shot a mile,
But halfe a mile and more
Was it, was it, hey ho.

And at the halfe miles end [a],
There stood an armed man;
The childe he shot him through,
And through, and through, hey — ho. —

His beard was all on a white a,
As white as whaleis bone,
His eyes they were as cleare
As christall stone, hey ho.

And there of him they made [a]
Good yeoman Robin Hood,
Scarlet, and Little John,
And Little John, hey ho.
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