The Freethinker

Clodio, that steals each Fair-one's Heart away,
Clodio the bright, the courtly, and the gay,
Is yet full fraught with Notions wondrous sage,
And shines a prime Freethinker of the Age.
To the revolving Business of the Day,
His Bed, his Dress, the Tavern, and the Play,
Succeeds the Midnight Revel; then run high
His Joys uncheck'd, and Care and Spleen defy.
Then, whilst the Pedantry of Creeds he shows,
How clear, how free his Elocution flows!
How keen his Wit, his Reas'ning how profound,
Whilst down he knocks poor Priestcraft to the Ground!
For thus, when Wine and Mirth his Spirits raise,
He vents his Knowledge, and his Parts displays;
From each new Scheme harangues with graceful Ease,
And Rabbi Tindal 's deep Discoveries.
Say then at last, what is this mighty Man?
Freethinker! let's define him if we can,
And fix our Meaning, and our Term explain.
From Clodio be the certain Standard known,
(There are ten thousand Clodios in the Town)
And what's the Man we a Freethinker call?
What? why 'tis he, that never thinks at all.
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