The Ghost's Return

Back through the rain and mist
Of my far way,
I have come, whom you kissed
That other day.

See, love, I wait outside
While the rains fall:
Through the night, void and wide,
Hark to my call.

Do you falter, you who loved
So long and well,
Now I my love have proved,
Breaking Death's spell?

Leaving those pale delights
Dead folk that thrill,
Through their dim days and nights,
Wait I your will.

Dear love, unbar the door,
Life is so sweet!
Warmed on your heart once more,
My heart shall beat.

Snatch me from very Death:
Heaven will forgive.
Breathe in my lips your breath:
Then I shall live.

Nay, but you shrink with fear,
No welcome speak, —
Now shall the grave be dear,
Love is so weak.
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