The Gifts Return'd

" You must give back, " her mother said,
To a poor sobbing little maid,
" All the young man has given you,
Hard as it now may seem to do. "
" 'Tis done already, mother dear! "
Said the sweet girl, " So never fear. " Mother .
Are you quite certain? Come, recount
(There was not much) the whole amount. Girl .
The locket; the kid gloves. Mother .
Go on. Girl .
Of the kid gloves I found but one. Mother .
Never mind that. What else? Proceed.
You gave back all his trash? Girl .
Indeed. Mother .
And was there nothing you would save? Girl .
Everything I could give I gave. Mother .
To the last tittle? Girl .

Even to that. Mother .

Freely? Girl .
My heart went pit-a-pat
At giving up . . . ah me! ah me!
I cry so I can hardly see . . .
All the fond looks and words that past,
And all the kisses, to the last.
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