The Gipsey Lass

Just like berry brown is my bonny lassie O
And in the smokey camp lives my bonny lassie O
Where the scented woodbine weaves
Round the white thorns glossy leaves
The sweetest maid on earth is my Gipsey lassie O


The brook it runs so clear by my bonny lassie O
And the blackbird singeth near my bonny lassie O
And there the wild briar rose
Wrinkles the clear stream as it flows
By the smokey camp of my bonny lassie O


The ground lark singeth high o'er my bonny lassie O
The nightingale lives nigh my gipsey lassie O
They're with her all the year
By the brooks that run so clear
And there's none in all the world like my gipsey lassie O


With a bosom like as snow is my Gipsey lassie O
With a foot like the roe is my bonny lassie O
Like the sweet birds she will sing
While echo it will sing
Sure there's none in the world like my bonny lassie O
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