Give the Warrior Chief his due

Give the Warrior Chief his due,
Him who, to his country true,
Boldly, at her summons, flew,
Fired with gallantry!
Him who met the foe in fight,
And with death-fires lit the night,
Till his valor turned in flight
Britain's chivalry.

Crown him with the laurel wreath,
Hail him with the clarion's breath,
Him who, in the face of death,
Battled fearlessly.
Let the bard a chaplet twine,
Deathless gift of song divine,
And the hero's name will shine
Through eternity.

Cherish then the son of song:
He shall proudly bear along,
High above the meaner throng,
Light and Liberty.
Let the voice of music rise,
Let the painter seek his dyes
In the glory of the skies,
For the bold and free.

Let the rostral trumpet blow,
And to Eastern monarchs show
How the fires of freedom glow,
Fires that cannot die.
Then our nation's fame shall thrive,
And to endless ages live,
For the song and pen can give
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