That God Would Not Visit On Us the Sins of Our Fathers

Lord! give the word; say, — " Be thou free, "
Proclaim thine own accepted year!
The captive yearns for liberty;
Our earnest pray'r, O Savior! hear.

Lord of all pow'r! unloose his chain;
Most merciful! for mercy's sake,
The broken heart bind thou again,
The bruised reed, Oh! spare to break.

We can but weep, — thou, Lord! canst aid;
We can but pray, — thou, Lord! canst save;
Deliv'rance, now so long delay'd,
We for our fathers' victims crave.

O visit not on us, good Lord!
The sin our fathers bore so long;
Our hope, our trust, is in thy word,
Weak helpers we, — but thou art strong!

The widow's mite — the orphan's pray'r —
The streaming tear — the deep-felt sigh —
Our hands — our will — shall all declare
A nation's deep repentant cry.
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