To Gold

 D EATH to the charities of life ,
That bless the husband and the wife,
Glow in the parent's liberal heart,
And prompt the generous lover's part,
Make brothers feel themselves allied,
And crown the filial duty's pride;
With bonds on which the soul depends
Unite the unsuspected friends ;
Abjure the selfish miser's hoard,
And spread with joy the festive board!
Thou cankering pest of Beauty's flower,
And serpent of Armida's bower!
Inflaming and perfidious Gold,
That scorns by Honour to be rul'd!
For thee Affection disappears,
And Mercy hides her face in tears.
Hence—to the caves of blasted earth,
And close the dens that gave thee birth!
No more the cup of joy pollute,
Crush the wild harp, and break the lute!
No more from youth's precarious flowers
Withhold the animating showers!
No more for toys that youth engage
Deny the comforts due to age;
Or with averted Friendship's eye
To “ hope deferr'd ” relief supply!
No more, degrading, as you lift
The victim of a tyrant's gift,
With hard conditions make your sport,
And brand the wretch that you support!
As the Philistian for his mirth
Made Sampson prostitute his worth,
And, for Oppression's bitter scoff,
Took the old Hero's fetters off.
 Oh, let us hear the voice again
Of sweet Content's angelic strain!
The charm of competency ours!
Why envy us the laughing hours?
Why, in Ambition's form, create
The jealous heart's envenom'd hate?
What pride for want of sleep can pay,
Or make it noble to betray?
 All India be reserv'd for thee:
Arcadia be the realm for me!
Be mine the hearts that Peace approve,
And mine the cheering notes of Love!
But not of thee—'tis of the Muse,
I 'd borrow her enraptur'd views;
Her dreams, that with affliction play,
And make her year a Summer's day .
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