Good E'enin to Ye Lassie

Good e'enin to ye lassie
And are ye a' alone
Ye're so sweet I cannot pass ye
May I ask ye for my own
Its true I am alane sir
And I need scarce reply
That I canna be your own sir
Unless Minnie she were by
I'm oe'r young to marry
The truth I dare na tell
I'm mair the mind to tarry
Though I lov'd ye like my sel

I went some e'enins arter
To the same green lovely dell
The brook rimmed by its laughter
I love brook music well
The woodbine smelt so sweet
The ground larks notes did swell
There again I chanced to meet
The maiden in the dell
Her smiles were sweet as hinney
As from her eyes they fell
Sir I've been to ask my minny
And her answers like my sel

Her frock it caught a bramble
And I took the thorn away
On the heath we both did ramble
Till the gouden west turn'd grey
I ca'd her dearest hinney
And she never said me nay
Sir Ive been to ask my minny
And my minny says you may
I kisst her on the cheek
And nae further will I tell
And what she dare na speak
But she loved me as hersel

And I claspt her round the waist
And kisst her oer the chin
And I tenderly embraced
As ain o Minneys kin
When summer time went by
And winters cauld returned
Still love lived in her eye
And her lily bosom burned
When Spring come to the glen
Where we had often tarried
I loved her better than mysen
And both on's got married
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