Good-by er Howdy-do

Say good-by er howdy-do —
What's the odds betwixt the two?
Comin' — goin', ev'ry day —
Best friends first to go away —
Grasp of hands you'd ruther hold
Than their weight in solid gold
Slips their grip while greetin' you. —
Say good-by er howdy-do!

Howdy-do, and then, good-by —
Mixes jes' like laugh and cry;
Deaths and births, and worst and best,
Tangled their contrariest;
Ev'ry jinglin' weddin'-bell
Skeerin' up some funer'l knell. —
Here's my song, and there's your sigh. —
Howdy-do, and then, good-by!

Say good-by er howdy-do —
Jes' the same to me and you;
'Taint worth while to make no fuss,
'Cause the job's put up on us!
Some One's runnin' this concern
That's got nothin' else to learn:
Ef He's willin', we'll pull through —
Say good-by er howdy-do!
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