Grandmother's Bible

I have many costly volumes bound in velvet and in gold,
Old and rare which I've collected far and wide;
But there's not one which I cherish like the Bible worn and old,
Given me by my grandmother when she died.
She called me to her bedside, she kissed me and she said,
Keep this boy forever near your heart;
Not sparkling, glittering diamonds, nor in the want of bread,
Can tempt me with that dear old book to part.


Grandmother's Bible, Grandmother's Bible;
It through life has ever been my guide;
I have many costly volumes, but above them all I prize,
The Bible which she gave me when she died.


It is stained with many tear drops and her fingers mark each page,
Yet not one of those dear marks I care to hide;
For they make it still more precious and my love shall grow with age,
For the Bible which she gave me when she died.
On life's dark, stormy ocean it has been my beacon light,
When waves rolled high and all hope seemed no more;
In old age's beautiful waters with haven just in sight,
It is my pilot to the better shore.
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