The Green Lane


I met thee on the sabath eve
All in the sunday dew
When sunshine o'er the hill took leave
Dip dipping out of view
And there we stroll'd for many hours
And said we'd meet again
But I can't forget the leaves and flowers
And the Old green lane


The spreading oak at the lane end
Was ne'er so green and bright
Nor the thorn so sweet in that lone glen
As they were that sunday night
The sun it set and lowly drop't
Yet gold clouds did remain
And though the singing birds are stop't
I love the Old green lane


The beaten path went winding on
The bushes look'd so green
The leveret it went scouting on
And nothing else was seen
Till I met with her I went to meet
I wish 'twas here again
For memory can't forget as yet
That Old green lane


And what she wore, and what she were
I need not tell to you
I often heard the evening char
And saw the blebs of dew
Her smile the sweetest e're was seen
When shall I see't again
A sweeter treat I've never seen
Than her in the green lane


The breeze it wispered here she comes
I look'd and there she sat
The partrich creak'd its evening songs
And whirr'd the merry chat
But what she said, or what I did
Must not be told again
They're secrets now for ever hid
Told in the Old green Lane
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