Hail, Comly and Clene

first shepherd:Hail, comly and clene,
Hail, yong child!
Hail, maker, as I meene,
Of a maden so milde!
Thou has warèd, I weene,
The warlo so wilde;
The fals giler of teen,
Now goes he begilde.
Lo! he merys,
Lo! he laghes, my sweting.
A welfare meting!
I have holden my heting.
Have a bob of cherys!
second shepherd:Hail, sufferan Savioure,
For thou has us soght!
Hail, frely foyde and floure,
That all thing has wroght!
Hail, full of favoure,
That made all of noght!
Hail! I kneel and I cowre.
A bird have I broght
To my barne.
Hail, litel tinè mop!
Of oure crede thou art crop;
I wold drink on thy cop,
Litel day starne.
third shepherd:Hail, derling dere,
Full of godhede!
I pray thee be nere
When that I have nede.
Hail! Swete is thy chere;
My hart wolde blede
To see thee sitt here
In so poore wede,
With no pennys.
Hail! Put furth thy dall!
I bring thee bot a ball;
Have and play thee with all,
And go to the tenis!
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