Hap happeth oft unlooked for


Hap happeth oft unlooked for
As men may see before their eyes;
For he that daily doth labour
And study'th all he can devise
To bring his purpose to effect,
Yet by mishap most commonly
From his intent he is abject,
And hap doth hap clean contrary;
So that the proof doth verify,
As I have written here before,
That hap haps oft unlooked for.

Some to mishap when they are born
Are prefate by their destiny.
To some, though all the world had sworn
Fortune will not be contrary;
This hap doth hap at his own lust.
Some men to wealth and some to woe;
Sometime the strong he throw'th i'the dust.
Sometime the lame he maketh go
And the stark blind to see also.
Sometime the whole he maketh sore.
All this haps oft unlooked for.

Some by good hap are brought aloft
And some by mishap are thrown down.
And some by hap are set full soft
That think never for to come down.
But I will rede them for to take heed,
Sith hap doth turn so suddenly,
Lest he by change do chance them lead
Into some trade clean contrary
And bring him low that was full high
And set him hard that sat full soft.
Unlooked for, all this haps oft.
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