Happy Days

Come back — come back — thou youthful Time
When joy and innocence were ours,
When life was in its vernal prime,
And redolent of sweets and flowers.
Come back — and let us roam once more
Free-hearted through Life's pleasant ways,
And gather garlands as of yore —
Come back — come back — ye happy days.

Come back — come back — 't was pleasant then
To cherish faith in Love and Truth,
For nothing in dispraise of men
Had sour'd the temper of our youth.
Come back — and let us still believe
The gorgeous dream Romance displays,
Nor trust the tale that men deceive —
Come back — come back — ye happy days.

Come back — oh freshness of the past —
When every face seem'd fair and kind,
When sunward every eye was cast,
And all the shadows fell behind.
Come back! — 't will come; true hearts can turn
Their own Decembers into Mays,
The secret be it ours to learn —
They come — they come — the happy days!
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