A Happy Spring Night

The spring flowers are under the hedges anew
The primrose so yellow and violet so blue
The pilewort so golden the daisy so white
And the dew glittring cowslip so sweet by moonlight
These all in their blossoms of nature are true
But where is the maiden so dear to my sight
Who walketh at eve the harbinger of night
Oh! she is not here and what shall I do


See! here is the thorn so young and so green
Where I prest her and kiss't her by nobody seen
And here's the same primrose beneath the ash tree
And violets that arums would hide from the bee
Here I've stood by the hedge since the suns going down
She promised to come here this night from the town
What pleasure to kiss those sweet lips by moonlight
There's nought like such joys on a happy spring night.


She is fair and she's slender and lovelier far
Than the night blooming flowers or evening star
She is sweet and she's fair and brighter than aye
Tho' the morn without clouds sheds its lovliest ray
The leaves on the thorn they are tender & green
Its the best of all places that ever was seen
To look into eyes which are beaming so bright
In those which we love on a happy spring night.
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