Hares on the Mountain

"O Sally my dear, shall I come up to see you?'
She laugh and reply, "I'm afraid you'll undo me.'

Sing fal the diddle ido
Sing whack fal the diddle day

"O Sally my dear, why I will not undo you.'
She laugh and reply, "You may come to bed to me.'

"O Sally my dear, I cannot undo my breeches.'
She laugh and reply, "Take a knife and rip stitches.'

"O Sally my dear, I cannot undo them.'
She laugh and reply, "There's a knife in the window.'

Now he took off his breeches and into bed trundled.
I leave you to guess how the gay couple fumbled.

If blackbirds was blackbirds as thrushes is thrushes,
How soon the young men would go beating the bushes.

Should young women be hares and race round the mountain,
Young men'd take guns and they'd soon go a-hunting.

Should young women be ducks and should swim round the ocean,
Young men would turn drakes and soon follow after.
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