Haste bring us the wine cup

Haste bring us the wine cup
& let it be full
Fully fill it to the brim up
't will make e'en the dull
Set his feet a-dancing
Twinkling & glancing
While the tabor the pipe & the lute
The thundering drum & the flute
Are ringing around
Hark the merry sound!

Arise I say Arise guests
Dismiss care from your quests
See the wine trembles
In purple light
Its radiance resembles,
The amethyst bright
Sip guests sip
Raise it to your lip
Fear not the harmless cup
Drink the sweet nectar up
List to my song
It is like as the nightengales singing among
Old forest trees
Where murmurs the breeze
& bears the rich music the calm air along
Nature is my dearest mother
I will never own another
And I am her child
Untameable wild
Like the strong mountain eagle my royal brother
I was c[r]adled like him in a cloud

Rocked our cold misty shroud
Till the two innocents slept
his strong beak and talons
& the golden ring in his eye
Methinks I see him now
A speck in the azure sky
He is soaring to the thunder
Or swiftly swe[e]ping under
Arched rocks & mountains majestically high
Whose bright silver fountains
Spring up to the sky
Eagle farewell I shall see thee no more
From my sight thy wings have borne thee, to Appollo's
chariot soar.
Unwinking may'st thou gaze
Fearlesly aspire
Thy circlet of fire
May bear the sun's most ardent blaze
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