He Did Not Know Me

(Woman's Sorrow Song)

He said: " I do not know you;
You are not she who came
And made my heart grow tame?"
I laughed: " The same!"

Still said he: " I don't know you."
" But I am your Love!" laughed I:
" Yours — faithful ever — till I die,
And pulseless lie!"

Yet he said: " I don't know you."
Freakful, I went away,
And met pale Time, with " Pray,
What means his Nay?"

Said Time: " He does not know you
In your mask of Comedy."
" But," said I, " that I have chosen to be:
Tragedy he."

" True; hence he did not know you."
" But him I could recognize?"
" Yea. Tragedy is true guise,
Comedy lies."
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