The Healthfull mind that muses and inhales

The healthfull mind that muses & inhales
The green eyed dews of morning finds his way
To paradise Gods choice selfplanted vales
The dewy breath of flowers the gales that play
Around them like sleep wakeing half the day
Morning luxuriant in green juicey strife

Health to faint love & happiness to life.

O the first days of summer—mornings blush
Is rife with healthy freshness hung with dew
To dip your hand into a wet rose bush
& crop the fairest flower that ever grew
Pearled with the silver shine of morning dew
How beautifull it looks how sweet it smells
The breath of virgin morning coming new
That from the sweets of flowers her story tells
& voice of song birds in the ecchoing dells.

& heres the double pink Hepathica
Another early herald of the spring
That comes before the Daffodils to say
That Winds of march are coming with the spring
& all her pleasant flowers—Birds on the wing
Are chirping in the boxtree bye the roots
Hepathicas are early flowers of Spring
They come before the rich laburnum shoots
& frost & snow the early blossom suits.
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