On Hearing of Mr. Bull's Illness, at a Very Advanced Age

Has Time no other bills to count?
Is Wit susceptible of years?
Can Genius droop at their amount?
And is Euphrosyne in tears?

" Injurious Time! " the " robber's haste , "
Un-envy'd privilege, is thine;
A torrent's desolating waste,
That spares no jewels in their shrine.

Pursue thy impotent career,
And mark at will the destin'd prey!
Nor any living barriers fear
Against thy dull though frantic sway!

But vain thy hopes, if such their aim —
From Sorrow's pride her gems to move!
Oblivion's dart can strike at Fame,
But leaves untouch'd the note of Love.

There — when his mirth can charm no more,
When jest that Fancy lov'd shall fade,
The feeling heart that Yorick bore
Shall beam with lustre undecay'd.
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