The Heart of Midlothian is nearly my own

The heart of Midlothian is nearly my own
So I'll worrit no longer the skin to the bone
Then the Lily of Lorn or the sweet Lammermore
She's sweeter and fairer and her I adore
She's the Flower of Old Scotland the jewel & pearl
The Maid o' the Thistle the bonny Scotch Girl.

O the Heart O' Midlothian is bonny & fair
Red rose is her ripe lips & coal black is her hair
Her mouth is like honey — the bees sunny hour
The bottom lips cherrys the top on[e] a flower.

O the heart o' midlothians an angel to me
The flowers o ould Scotland oer mountain & sea
Her bosoms more white than the Lilly o Lorn
And her eyes are as bright as the daybreak o morn

The heart o Midlothian lies never alone
As it beats i' my breast as the core o' my own
And so shall it beat on for ever & aye
For time, love, and nature can never decay.

The Heart o Midlothian is bonny & Young
The sweetest that ere in a ballad was sung
O the Heart o Midlothian is mine to its core
Her sweet face & fair bosom I'll love evermore
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