Of Her Walking in a Garden after a Shower

See how the sun in dusky skies
Veils his fair glories, while he spies
Th' unclouded lustre of her eyes!
Her bashful beauties once descry'd,
The vanquish'd roses lose their pride,
And in their buds their blushes hide.
Myrtles have lost their balmy smell,
And drooping lillies seem to tell
How much her sweets their own excel.
See! She retires: Nor can we say
If light breaks out or goes away,
For S ol 's is now the only ray.
Lo how their heads the lillies rear,
And with fresh sweets perfume the air,
When their bright rival is not there.
Again grown proud, the spreading rose
Its bloomy beauties does disclose,
And to the skies its incense throws.
Her glorious charms eclipse the day;
Nature itself is only gay,
When Serenissa is away.
Like, yet unlike these flow'rs am I;
I languish when her charms draw nigh,
But if she disappears, I dye.
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