Here can my heart no longer rest

Here can my heart no longer rest;

It tells my happy destiny,

Towards Medina lies my quest,

The Holy Prophet summons me.

I should not marvel if for flight

Upon my shoulders wings should start,

My body is so gay and light

With this new gladness in my heart.

My weary patience nears its end;

Unresting heart, that yearns and loves,

Convey me far to meet my friend

Within Medina's garden groves.

My spirit shall not faint nor tire,

Although by many tender bands

My country holds me, I desire

The journey through the desert sands.

By day and night forever now

I burn in Love's hot furnace breath,

Although there gather on my brow

The cold and heavy sweats of death.

And ever in my home in Hind

At dawn's first light, at evenfall,

I hear upon the desert wind

The Prophet of Arabia call.

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