Hobsons Epitaph

Here Hobson lies amongst his many betters,
A man not learned, yet of many letters:
The Schollers well can testify as much
That have receiv'd them from his pregnant pouch.
His carriage was well known; oft hath he gon
In Embassy 'twixt father and the son.
In Cambridge few (in good time be it spoken)
But well remembreth him by som good token.
From thence to London rode he day by day,
Till death benighting him, he lost his way.
No wonder is it, that he thus is gone,
Since most men knew he long was drawing on.
His Team was of the best, nor could he have
Bin mir'd in any ground, but in the grave:
And here he sticks indeed, still like to stand,
Until some Angell lend his helping hand.
So rest in peace thou ever-toyling swain,
And supream Waggoner, next to Charls-wain.

(early 1631)
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