For The Holy Family, by Michelangelo, in the National Gallery

In this picture the Virgin Mother is seen withholding
the Child Saviour the prophetic writings in which his
are foretold. Angelic figures beside them examine a
Turn not to the prophet's page, O Son! He knew
All that Thou hast to suffer, and hath writ.
Not yet Thine hour of knowledge. Infinite
The sorrows that Thy manhood's lot must rue
And dire acquaintance of Thy grief. That clue
The spirits of Thy mournful ministerings
Seek through yon scroll in silence. For these things
The angels have desired to look into.
Still before Eden waves the fiery sword, —
Her Tree of Life unransomed: whose sad Tree
Of Knowledge yet to growth of Calvary
Must yield its Tempter, — Hell the earliest dead
Of Earth resign, — and yet, O Son and Lord,
The Seed o' the woman bruise the serpent's head.
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