How all is one way wrought!

How all is one way wrought!┬░
How all things suit and sit!
Then ah! the tune that thought
Trod to that fancied it.

Nor angel insight can
Learn how the heart is hence:
Since all the make of man┬░
Is law's indifference.

Who built these walls made known┬░
The music of his mind,
Yet here he has but shewn
His ruder-rounded rind.

Not free in this because
His powers seemed free to play:┬░
He swept what scope he was
To sweep and must obey.

Though down his being's bent
Like air he changed in choice,
That was an instrument
Which overvaulted voice.┬░

Therefore this masterhood,
This piece of perfect song,┬░
This fault-not-found-with good,┬░
Is neither right nor wrong.

No more than red and blue,
No more than Re and Mi,
Or sweet the golden glue
That's built for by the bee.┬░

What makes the man and what
The man within that makes:┬░
Ask whom he serves or not
Serves and what side he takes.

For good grows wild and wide,
Has shades, is nowhere none;
But right must seek a side┬░
And choose for chieftain one.
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