How Beautiful it is

How beautiful it is to be
Left in the fields at Eve
When blackbirds perch upon the tree
And whistle till they leave
To seek their nests o' moss and grass
In white thorn hedges there
And then to meet the milking lass
So bonny and so fair.

How beautiful it is at Eve
To walk the green woodside
The labours o' the day to leave
And in green fields abide
The thrush sits on her eggs o' blue
Hid by the blooming brier
And Jenny Wren hides from the dew
In furze bush blooming near.

How beautiful it is to leave
The paths o' sultry day
At dewy fall o' quiet Eve
Through coppices to stray
Where cat-tail grass nodds o'er the path
And rabbits come to feed
Benighted bee clings to the swarth
And grasshoppers to the weed.

How beautiful at close o' day
To wander where we will
To view the white thorn hung wi' may
And Moonlight i' the rill
And where the hedge the journey stops
The Moon hangs dripping o'er
And in the pastures rushes drop[s]
Till it is seen no more.
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