How Beautiful the Sun Went Down

How beautiful the sun went down And lovely shone the Moon
When I and Hannah left the town To wander forth alone
Her bonny face and shoulders broad Her feet made music too
When step by step along the road We wandered i' the dew.

The white Owl like a stupid oaf Banged right against the tree
When I went out with Hannah Rolph The dew fields to see
The hedge rose hung wi' silver pearls That shone like polished glass
And round the Moon the light cloud curls And there they quickly pass.

The little bird flew from its nest And feared the trampling foot
Where Hannah's footsteps lightly prest On shadows black as soot
Her gown it caught the arching brere That shook off drops o' dew
And blue cornbottles growing near Were black in moonlights hue.

O' Hannah Rolphs a lovely girl Wi lily neck and shoulders broad
With rosey cheeks and teeth o' pearl Theres no such blossoms ever bloomed
Beneath the round Moons mellow light My arm around her neck I threw
And kissed her cheek her eye shone bright While courting Hannah i the dew.
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