How One Chose

" Beyond the sea, in a green land
Where only rivers are; —
Beyond the clouds, in the clear sky
Close by some quiet star; —
Could you not fancy there might be
A home Beloved for you and me? "

" If there were such a home my Friend
Truly prepared for us
Full of palm branches or of crowns
Sun-gemmed and glorious,
How should we reach it? let us cease
From longing; let us be at peace. "

" The nightingale sang yestereve;
A sweet song singeth she:
Most sad and without any hope
And full of memory;
But still methought it seemed to speak
To me of home, and bid me seek. "

" The nightingale ceased ere the morn:
Her heart could not contain
The passion of her song, but burst
With the loud throbbing pain.
Now she hath rest which is the best,
And now I too would be at rest. "

" Last night I watched the mounting moon:
Her glory was too pale
To shine thro' the black heavy clouds
That wrapped her like a veil;
And yet with patience she passed thro'
The mists and reached the depths of blue. "

" And when the road was travelled o'er
And when the goal was won
A little while and all her light
Was swallowed by the sun:
The weary moon must seek again;
Even so our search would be in vain. "

" Yet seek with me. And if our way
Be long and troublesome,
And if our noon be hot until
The chilly shadows come
Of evening; — till those shadows flee
In dawn, think Love it is with me. "

" Nay seek alone: I am no mate
For such as you, in truth:
My heart is old before its time;
Yours yet is in its youth:
This home with pleasures girt about
Seek you, for I am wearied out. "
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