The Humble Petition of the House of Commons

If Charles thou wilt but be so kind
To give us leave to take our mind,
Of all thy store.
When we thy Loyal Subjects, find
Th'ast nothing left to give behind,
Wee'l ask no more.

First, for Religion, it is meet
We make it go upon new feet,
'Twas lame before:
One from Geneva would be sweet,
Let Warwick fetch't home with his Fleet,
Wee'l ask no more.

Let us a Consultation call
Of Honest men, but Round-heads all,
God knows wherefore;
Allow them but a place to baul
'Gainst Bishops Courts Canonical,
Wee'll ask no more.

Let him be hang'd a Surplice wears,
And Tippet on his shoulders bears,
Raggs of the Whore;
Secure us from our needlesse fears,
Let — and Burton have their ears,
Wee'll ask no more.

Reform each University,
And in them let no Learning be,
A great Eye-sore;
From hence make Romes Arminians flee,
That none may have free-will but wee,
Wee'll ask no more.

Lest the Elect should go astray,
Let Coblers teach you the right way
To Heavens door;
And lest their soles should wear away,
Let them their Sisters underlay,
Wee'll ask no more.

Next from the Bishops Hierarchy,
Oh the word sounds but scurvily,
Let's heart no more;
It ne're was taught the Apostles by,
Lay-Elders may the place supply,
Wee'll ask no more.

Next, for the State, we think it fit
That Mr. Pym should govern it,
He's very poor:
The money that's for Ireland writ,
Faith let them have the Devil a bit,
Wee'll ask no more.

For ordering the Militia,
Let us ordain a new new way,
Ne're heard before;
Let the Great Council bear the sway,
If you will give us leave you may,
Wee'll ask no more.

In this we will not be deny'd,
Because in you wee'll not confide,
We know wherefore
The Citizens their Plate provide,
Do you but send in yours beside,
Wee'll ask no more.

Now if that you'll make Hull your own,
There's one thing more we must set down
Forgot before;
Sir John shall then give up the Town,
If you will but resign your Crown,
Wee'll ask no more.
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