Composed on the occasion of the Visit of the British Association for the Promotion of Science, to be sung in the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1863.
The Lord is King; He wrought His will
In heaven above, in earth below;
His wonders the wide ocean fill,
The cavern'd deeps His judgment shew.

The Lord is King; the world stands fast:
Nature abides, for He is strong;
The perfect note He gave, shall last
Till cadence of her even-song.

The Lord is King; ye worlds rejoice!
The waves of power, that from His shrine
Thrill out in silence, have no choice:
They harm not till He gives the sign.

The Lord is King; hush, wayward heart!
Earth's wisdom fails, earth's daring faints
There seek Him whence He ne'er departs,
And own Him greatest in His saints.

Thou, Lord, art King: crown'd Priests are we,
To cast our crowns before the Throne.
By us the creature worships Thee,
Yet we but bring Thee of Thine own.

To the great Maker, to the Son
Himself vouchsafing to be made,
To the good Spirit, Three in One,
All praise by all His works be paid. Amen.
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