Father of all the life and light
Of all created space
The planets fixed in heaven bright
The brute and human race
Father creator life and love
Of all thine hands have made
The Lord below the God above
I ever need thy aid


Thy grace all evil things to shun
And troubles to endure
Oh let thy blessing on us come
A sovereign balm and cure
To heal the heart opprest by wrong
To rise the sinking soul
Inspire me with an heavenly song
Me let not sin control


I ask not worldly fame to win
Nor earth's delights to share
These are the deadly baits of sin
Lord shew the hidden snare
In rectitude my footsteps guide
Lest they to ruin lead
The night is dark the world is wide
Lord help me to proceed


The amours vain of lawless love
The harlots stubborn pride
My aims exalt to realms above
With wisdom for my guide
In other worlds my hopes shall lie
With excellence and thee
My home shall be beyond the sky
With God the Deity —
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