The Lord of life he reigns above
The Lord beneath us lives in joy
The day beams from his face of love
The night dress darkened majesty
The thunder is his mighty voice
The Lightening speaks his awful eye
May we be found his lowly choice
Glad travellers thro the azure sky


The rain his bounty ever brings
The wind his health diffuses wide
Throughout all nature King of Kings
Where nothing equal reigns beside
Bright as the ever living sun
His birthless endless living light
From everlasting sources run
Eternity still burning bright


The Lord of life prepares for me
This gay green earth this lower sphere
Supports my steps or weak I be
And guides me on from year to year
Lord of my birthright and my home
Lord of the earth the air and sea
Watch thou my footsteps while I roam
My Keeper and protector be
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