Hymn for an Orphan Home

O FATHER of the fatherless,
Shepherd of Lambs that stray,
Unmother'd in the wilderness,
We praise Thy name alway.

For very lack of earth's delight,
Of sweet parental love,
Drawn closer to Thy shielding might
Our hearts go up above,

Beyond the burning bars of even,
Beyond the clear deep space,
To where our Angels up in Heaven
Do see the Father's face.

He guides us into pastures green,
He leads to bowers of bliss,
Our Father lives, the God unseen,
And Christ our Shepherd is.

For all the love that holds us here
Kind hand and pitying word,
For heavenly grace and earthly cheer
We praise Thy name, O Lord.

O Shepherd in the wilderness
Folding the Lambs that stray,
O Father of the Fatherless,
We bless Thy name alway.
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