I Am Yours Truly

How often in this careless life
A word but lightly spoken,
By magic of a love sincere,
Becomes a blessed token.
The formal message that I send to you
Would thrill your very soul if you but knew,
That ev'ry word I write is more than true —
' I am, I am yours truly.'


I am, I am yours truly,
And will be ever more,
The meaning of those simple words
I never knew before.
Time cannot change my deep devotion,
Steadfast my heart shall be,
I am, I am yours truly,
My soul belongs to thee!

The words we speak in idle jest
Our secret thoughts are screening,
Exchanging vows of deep concern
In terms that have no meaning.
And yet, at times, the clasp of friendly hand
Appeals far more than duty's loud command.
And so I pray that she may understand,
I am, I am hers truly.

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