I care not if no rest nor peace remain

I care not if no rest nor peace remain,

I have my cherished pain,

I have my rankling love that knows no end,

And need no other friend.

I yearned with all my heart to hold her fast,

She laughed, and fled, and passed!

Lakhs of enchantments, scores of spells I wove,

But useless was my love.

I would have given my life to make her stay,

She went away, away, she went away.

Though I effaced myself in deed and thought

And brought myself to naught,

The dark and sundering curtain hangs between

I cannot pierce the screen.

And still I know behind the veil she hides,

And naught besides

In all this changing Universe abides!

Author of original: 
Bahadur Shah Zafar
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