I lay me down with thoughts of thee


I lay me down with thoughts of thee
And dream of thee in sleep
And when night dew hangs on the tree
'Tis beautiful to weep
'Tis beautiful to see thee pass
In visions of the night
With eyes as clear as liquid glass
And features fair as light


'Tis beautiful to see thy form
In the pupil of loves eye
A womans shadow soft and warm
Like an angel from the sky
With locks of auburn hanging down
Thy shoulders chaste and white
Thus fleecy clouds as soft as down
Hang round the moon at night


'Tis sweet to see thee vanish past
In the dark and midnight eye
I try to clasp the vision fast
But faster it will fly —
Thou art the soul of midnight thought
The life of lonely dreams
Each night thou'rt in my fancy sought
Then beautiful all seems
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