I to the Lord from My Distress

1. I to the Lord from my distress Did cry and he gave ear;
2. Then did I say, I utterly Cast from thy sight remain.
Out of hell's belly did I cry, And he my voice did hear.
Thy holy temple yet will I Towards it look again.
Into the deep and midst of seas, Because Thou didst me cast,
The waters, even to the soul, Did me encompass round;
The floods me compassed; all thy waves And billows o'er me passed.
The depths me round enclosed; the weeds About my head were bound.

3. To mountains' bottoms I went down,
Earth's bars me aye beset;
Yet, Lord my God, thou brought'st my life
Up from corruption's pit.
The thing I vowed and promised have,
To pay I will accord;
For all salvation wholly comes
From the almighty Lord.
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