I love thee nature with a boundless love


I love thee nature with a boundless love
The calm of earth, the storms of roaring woods
The winds breathe happiness where e'er I rove
Theres lifes own music in the swelling floods
My harp is in the thunder melting clouds
The snow capt mountain, and the rolling sea
And hear ye not the voice where darkness shrouds
The heavens, — there lives happiness for me


Death breathes its pleasures when it speaks of him
My pulse beats calmer while its lightnings play
My eye with earths delusions waxing dim
Clears with the brightness of eternal day
The elements crash round me — it is he
And do I hear his voice and never start
From Eve's posterity I stand quite free
Nor feel her curses rankle round my heart


Love is not here — hope is — and in his voice
The rolling thunder and the roaring sea
My pulse they leap and with the hills rejoice
Then strife and turmoil is a peace to me
No matter where lifes ocean leads me on
For nature is my mother and I rest
When tempests trouble and the sun is gone
Like to a weary child upon her breast —
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