I Speak in Low Calm Breathing Whispers

The word I would breathe in thy ear
Is profaned by a cold worlds abuses
My love to thee's utterd in fear
Admits of a lovers excuses
When we know that we feel it
We try to conceal it
Though the passion is sent from above
The illtempered world tries to steal it
What a gem in the heart is true love

Tis concealed in that white lily bosom
And in the blue veins of each breast
In thine eye love it bears a sweet blossom
In thy heart it reposes in rest
Yes there is the place where it hides
And there is the oil it provides
There nestles the innocent dove
Where it sleeps like to rippling tides
Oh there is nothing so sweet as true love

I speak in low calm breathing whispers
They fall on thy delicate ear
They're pure as the evening vespers
Though tremblingly spoken in fear
I am not fond of vulgar abuses
I come with no idle excuses
Oh let me but call thee my dove
My fond heart it never refuses
To join in the praise of true love
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