I'll Dream About the Days to Come

I'll lay me down on the green sward,
Mid yellow cups, and speed well blue,
And pay the world no real regard,
But be to nature, leal, and true,
What breaks the peace o' hapless man,
But they who truth, and nature wrong?
I'll hear na mair o evils plan,
But live wi nature, and her song.


Where natures lights, and shades are green,
Where natures peace, is strewn wi flowers,
Where strife, and noise, is never seen,
There I'll retire to happy hours,
And stretch my body on the green,
And sleep amang her flowers in bloom,
By eyes of malice, seldom seen,
And dream upon, the days to come.


I'll lay me by the forest green,
I'll lay me on the pleasant grass,
My life shall pass away unseen,
I'll be no more the man I was,
The tawney bee upon the flower,
The butterfly upon the leaf,
Like them I'll live my happy hour,
A life of sunshine, bright, and brief.


In greenwood hedges, close at hand,
Buildeth and sings the little birds,
The happiest things in the green land,
While sweetly feed the lowing herds,
While softly bleat, the roving sheep,
Upon the green grass will I lie,
A summer day, to think, and sleep,
Or see the clouds sail down the sky.
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