I'm caught, like any thrush the nets surprise

I' M caught, like any thrush the nets surprise,
By Daddy and Becchina, Mammy and Love.
As to the first-named, let thus much suffice,—
Each day he damns me, and each hour thereof;
Becchina wants so much of all that 's nice,
Not Mahomet himself could yield enough:
And Love still sets me doting in a trice
On trulls who'd seem the Ghetto's proper stuff.
My mother don't do much because she can't,
But I may count it just as good as done,
Knowing the way and not the will 's her want.
To-day I tried a kiss with her—just one—
To see if I could make her sulks avaunt:
She said, ‘The devil rip you up, my son!’
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Cecco Angiolieri
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