Impromptu, on Reading a Discourse by Sir William Jones

T HOUGH deep in Persic and Arabian lore,
Though Science in her lap this Favourite bore;
Though Fancy lov'd him; though his life unblam'd
Was by the Muses and the Virtues claim'd: —
Pale at no jewels of this envy'd crown,
I leave them to their lustre and renown:
But covet all the rays that could impart
A gentle spirit and a feeling heart!
Whose note could prompt the Philosophic Chair,
" Life to the Insect, and for Birds the Air. "
When all the tongues that he possess'd are mute
(As Tully's eloquence, or Sappho's lute) —
The music of that whisper'd note shall breathe
A new-born life into his fading wreath.
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