The Inimitable Orator


When *******, Vanity's diverting slave,
His dreadful note of preparation gave;
The sickness which a wearied audience felt
His own proud stomach had begun to melt.
And yet he rose, as if to kill the Giant,
But, arm'd with Briefs, mistook him for his Client.
Fox bit his thumbs; and G*** , tho' mute, revil'd;
Ev'n Courtney at the Paddy's blunder smil'd.
Charles , or Apollo , sav'd him in the nick,
" My learned Friend, " said Charles , " is very sick. "
He took the hint, upon the bench reclin'd,
And seem'd as if to vomiting inclin'd.
But, when at ******** Inn the mask was off,
Again he heard the Ministerial cough ,
That, with a dull and Gothic serenade,
The Cur as well as Adder had betray'd.
And Hare , " That Fame no longer you may teaze,
Here is a powder of Cantharides . "
Then Courtney , " The offending parts to numb,
You 'll like a dose of Irish Laudanum . "
Quoth Sheridan , " The case you all have blunder'd;
The pen — Recipiat , a Chiltern Hundred. "
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