Inscription For a Tablet in Honour to Thomas Papillon, Esq.

I F public virtue can a race adorn,
What child of Howard is more nobly born
Than he, that for his Ancestor can boast
A Judge impartial, though at Freedom's post?
A Merchant that, in wealth by Commerce wrought,
Was never guilty of a selfish thought?
A pious victim of the chastening rod;
Stern to himself, but humble to his God?
Firm, though oppress'd, against the Tyrant Man;
To hearts that bled, the good Samaritan?
A Moralist , the champion of his trust;
Friend of the good, and Parent of the just?
These are the birth-right — these demand the care, —
And are the jewels of his Fortune's Heir.
But, Reader, thou hast claims upon the mine,
For thou canst make the generous heir-looms thine .
Religion of these treasures was the key —
Be a Good Christian — and 'tis held by thee.
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