Glorious creatures! Shapes of light!
Where are now those looks of power?
Where the eyes that glistened bright,
In my visionary hour?

Ye were fair, and ye were high;
Far, too far away from earth;
Shadowy pinions hovered nigh,
When my fancy gave you birth.

I was in a trance of heaven;
Spirits then would come and go:
Where the eternal walls were riven,
Rushed a dazzling overflow.

I was then, on sounding wings,
Borne along the living air;
All of bright and beauteous things,
All of great and good, were there.

Not a sound, but seemed to tell
Harmony and holy love;
Every echo gently fell,
Like an answer from above.

Then the soul assumed its reign;
Then it stood erect and bold;
All it sought so long in vain,
Then in torrents round it rolled.

With a full and sudden rush,
Thought and light and knowledge came,
Like an instantaneous gush
From the purest fount of flame.

Thick as atoms in the sun,
Dancing on the dusty way,
Thousand sparkles seemed to run,
Meeting, mingling into day.

'T was the spirit's jubilee;
Passion sprang, and rent his chain,
Mounting into ecstasy,
Bright and free from every stain.

Visions, many as the stars,
Glowing like a summer even,
Proud as victors on their cars,
Heralded my way to heaven.
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