The Invitation


Let us go in the fields love and see the green tree
Let's go in the meadows and hear the wild bee
There's plenty of pleasure for you love and me
In the mirth and the music of nature
We can stand in the path love and hear the birds sing
And see the woodpigeon snap loud on the wing
While you stand beside me a beautiful thing
Health and beauty in every feature.


We can stand by the brig-foot and see the bright things
On the sun shining water, that merrily springs
Like sparkles of fire in their mazes and rings
While the insects are glancing and twitters
You see naught in shape but hear a deep song
That lasts through the sunshine the whole summer long
That pierces the ear as the heat gathers strong
And the lake like a burning fire glitters.


We can stand in the field love and gaze o'er the corn
See the lark from her wing shake the dews of the morn
Through the dew beaded woodbine the gale is just born
And there we can wander my dearie
We can walk by the wood where the rabbits pop in
Where the bushes are few, and the hedge gapped and thin
There's a wild-rosy bower and a place to rest in
So we can walk in and rest when we're weary.


The skylark my love from the barley is singing
The hare from her seat of wet clover is springing
The crow to its nest on the tall elm swinging
Bears a mouthful of worms for its young
We'll down the green meadow, and up the lone glen
And down the woodside far away from all men
And there we'll talk over our love tales again
Where last year the nightingale sung.
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